Pretoria North Residents Association strives to provide top of the range assistance to the community and SAPS within the Pretoria North SAPS jurisdiction area of Sector 1 and 2.



Through positive attitudes and dedicated members we provide support and assistance to ensure continuous satisfaction from the community and SAPS.

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Pretoria North Residence Association

Pretoria North Residence Association being the parent organisation, where any person working or residing within the borders of the Pretoria North SAPS Station jurisdiction can join. The organisation has a vested radio network which can be joined by any member. A radio coordinator coordinates the radio 24 / 7 providing assistance in case of emergencies along with the necessary qualified personal. Members of the association works closely with the members of Pretoria North SAPS being the eyes and ears for the SAPS. Furthermore members of the organisation assist with reporting on power failures, faulty street lights, leaking water pipes and potholes. These issues are handled with the assistance of our two Ward Councillors.

Patrollers are governed by the approved CPF constitution. Our patrollers are members who dedicates their time and effort to patrol the streets of our area during the day and night. They are the visible people in the area. During joined operations with SAPS these patrollers are used to provide assistance and training sessions are held regularly for all patrollers to act as enhancement for their own but also for the safety of the community.

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